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Welcome to my website!

With over 20 years of experience, constant learning, and lecturing, I've decided to bring my vision of a valuable Implant Surgery Course to life.

I intimately understand the challenges of continuing education. The struggle against tiredness, the dreariness of dark rooms, those heavy meals that threaten to lull you into sleep, the frustration of insufficient practical training, and those never-ending coffee breaks. Oh, and let’s not forget those unappetizing giant pig’s heads! But most importantly, those nagging uncertainties and unanswered questions that arise after a course, only to be promised a solution in the next, more expensive one.

Throughout my career, I’ve been exceptionally fortunate to focus on surgical treatments in the esthetic area. That’s precisely the captivating subject of my Master’s Course in Esthetic Outcomes in Implant Treatment. It combines a soft tissue course, a hard tissue course, an implantology course, and comprehensive planning into one learning journey.

Imagine going out for a scrumptious dinner where everything is just right – you feel genuinely welcomed, the food is beyond excellent, and it’s served by passionate individuals in an exquisitely beautiful setting, all at the perfect pace. That’s the same experience I’m determined to provide with my courses.

Let's draw a comparison between satisfied course participants and happy restaurant guests:

Feeling of being welcome:

From registration to post-course Zoom meetings and engaging case discussions, I personally handle every single aspect of the course. There are no generic email blasts or impersonal interactions here.

Excellent course content:

Just like a sumptuous feast, my course offers access to 40 online lectures three months before the intensive hands-on training. During the 4-day intensive session, you'll work with dedicated models, daily fresh pig jaws, and some surprising materials. Additionally, you'll receive a course book, access to the "Decision Matters" app, and videos of model surgeries available for 6 months after the course. We also have monthly Zoom meetings for case discussions for 6 months following the class. How does that sound?

Beautiful place:

The course is on Croatia's stunning Island of Krk. You'll enjoy a spacious classroom with a glass front that provides a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea.

Optimal pace:

Participants can watch the online lectures at their own pace. A wide range of surgical procedures is covered during the in person hands-on training, emphasizing the esthetic area from soft tissue harvesting to socket preservation, split crest, implant placement, socket shield, surgical crown lengthening, recession covering, and surgical lip stabilization – we will cover it and many more.






Introducing Decision Matters. The app for dental implant surgery in esthetic area assistance.

Finally, there’s an app that makes it easy to access proven, best-practice implant-surgical protocols for esthetic area. A tool that teaches minimally invasive site preservation and optimization, step by step…

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