Step-by-step instructions for esthetic dental implant surgery.

In the palm of your hand.

Who is it for?

Decision Matters is for the practitioner who’s already performing implant surgery and wants to master their skills in esthetics or wants to have an easy reminder of procedures they’re already familiar with.

It’s for any practitioner who has a keen interest in site preservation and optimization, with minimal invasive procedures.


General dentists

Oral surgeons



It’s been developed to accommodate practitioners of different skill levels. So you can choose options in procedures, depending on what you’re comfortable with performing.

How does it work?

Consider Decision Matters as a “cheat sheet” or manual for implant surgery, with the aim of giving you the answers you need at your fingertips.

By presenting you with options along the way, you can choose the protocols that best suit your patient’s initial situation and your skill set.

Determine the socket type
Select from an overview of recommended procedures
Indications and contraindications, the level of the surgical skills, and the patient`s individual factors guide your selection
Surgical procedures are explained click after click

With its intuitive design, you can also jump from one topic to another, allowing you to dive deeper into areas you are most interested in or procedures you want to learn more about.


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