A quick introduction to app developer:

Dr. med Dr. med. dent. Snjezana Pohl

My name is Dr Snjezana Pohl and I’m excited to finally introduce Decision Matters to the market.

I’ve developed this app because I am passionate about sharing knowledge and want to sincerely help practitioners around the world in this specialized field. There are no sponsors at all, no companies behind it. Only my own time, dedication, and passion.

In my more than 20 years of experience, I’ve covered the entire spectrum of oral surgery and periodontology, but implant surgical procedures in the esthetic area has been my focus of interest. From early on in my career, I realized just how collapse prevention is superior to reconstruction and that nothing compares to the results achieved by using autologous tissue.

This meant that I was an early adopter of Partial Extraction Therapy, seeing the value in dentin autograft, tuberosity tissue, and osseodensification. In 2003 I started to combine hard and soft tissue augmentation techniques in order to treat the Socket Type 2 and 3 and so mIVAN technique was born. In 2020, long term results of up to 11 years with mIVAN technique was published.

The procedures in Decision Matters are based on what I have found to deliver the best, most predictable results. I have included some of the science behind them because I have always been passionate about literature and I believe it is important for any practitioner to understand the science too.

Although I’ve worked, studied, and specialized in Germany, I am from Croatia and currently based in Rijeka, where I practice, teach and mentor.

Work Experience

I am both doctor of human and dental medicine.

  • 1987 - 1990Croatia and Germany

    Work experience in general surgery, orthopedics.

  • 1997 - 2010Starnberg, Germany

    Praxisklinik for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Dr.Dr.Herrmann & Dr.Dr.Pohl

  • 2010 - presentRijeka, Croatia

    Dental Clinics Rident. Head of Oral Surgery Department

  • 2011 - presentOral Medicine & Periodontology Dept, Faculty of Medicine, Rijeka, Croatia

    Clinical Assistant Professor




University Zagreb, Croatia, Dr. med.


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European Dental Association: Expert for Periodontology


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European Dental Association: Expert for Implantology


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