10 facts about socket preservation in the esthetic area

Presented by Snjezana Pohl, MD, DDS, Specialist in Oral Surgery, EDA Specialist in Implantology and Periodontology

This short webinar, that will increase your clarity and give you more confidence in decision making process, is only one click away!

There is a lot of confusion regarding socket preservation,  especially in the esthetic area.

Our socket management at the time of tooth extraction determines the final result: is it going to be a long-lasting and high esthetic outcome or failure. Big defect at the time of implant placement requires a high level of surgical skills, and the prognosis is questionable. 

Why not apply simple procedures to preserve a ridge volume and save us and our patients frustrations? In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The factors that determine the decision process
  • Site-specific parameters in the esthetic area
  • Tips and tricks based on over 20 years of clinical experience

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